When your sofa monitors blood pressure and your kitchen knows the results

Digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) are ubiquitous. These developments present a variety of new options individually, globally and across all sectors. ZOW 2018 is a visionary workshop and innovation event designed to showcase interactions, sensor systems and features of particular interest to the furniture industry and those that are already being tested.
Homes and interior fixtures of the future will be smart and capable of independent thought and understanding. Consumers listen to these terms being used with a mixture of curiosity and concern. What can we expect in the future? What can be achieved in the field of home living and furnishings by state-of-the-art engineering technology? And where do the boundaries lie – technically and ethically?

Living in the city of tomorrow

The world is changing – quickly, visibly, palpably for us all. Urbanisation and gentrification are processes that have a direct effect on communal and domestic life. Urban centres are growing according to area and density. As a consequence, housing is becoming scarcer and more expensive, and the available living space is dwindling in both absolute and per capita terms.


The lightness of being

ZOW 2018 to present smart lightweight solutions

There are many good arguments for using various lightweight technologies in consumer products and durable goods. The furniture, interior construction and caravan industries are also exploring these solutions, applying them to both design and materials. Many of them can be traced back to the Lightweight Construction Association igeL (Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau e.V.).

The surface of a piece of furniture is like its skin, with a tangible, tactile appeal. New technologies in surface treatment provide new fascinating and sophisticated opportunities. The surface area is communicating with the outside world so to speak.Piero Lissoni

Smart Home at imm cologne 2018

Look forward to an exciting event and lecture program at ZOW 2018.

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Hall and site plan

Use our plan of the hall to plan your visit in advance. The plan shows the optimum route to the stands of the exhibitors, the special show areas and the catering areas.