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The lightness of being

ZOW 2018 to present smart lightweight solutions

There are many good arguments for using various lightweight technologies in consumer products and durable goods. The furniture, interior construction and caravan industries are also exploring these solutions, applying them to both design and materials. Many of them can be traced back to the Lightweight Construction Association igeL (Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau e.V.). Based in the East Westphalia-Lippe furniture cluster, the industry association has been bringing together committed stakeholders in the lightweight construction value chain since 2008. At the forthcoming edition of ZOW, igeL e.V. will present a special event area devoted to this topic near the entrance to Hall 20.

The search for the “new lightness” has serious reasons behind it, as Oliver Hunger, President of igeL e.V., emphasises: “We hear about natural disasters almost every day, and we know that renewable resources are also becoming increasingly scarce. This is why we at igeL devote our energies to the idea of lightweight construction as this technology is sustainable and the most economical in materials – and it allows new, innovative solutions.”

Lightweight caravan and mobile spaces as special highlights

The highlights planned for the lightweight construction stand include a range of large-scale exhibits, among them the premiere of an attractive lightweight caravan. As mobility and lightweight construction are closely related, a dedicated network of igeL companies has set out to work on the new Mobile Spaces development project. ZOW will also mark the premiere of a lightweight construction handbook that is close to completion and designed to act as a source of inspiration and information for users working in furniture construction, the contract furnishing business, trade fair construction and the trades, as well as for training.

Visitors interested in lightweight construction will be able to touch and feel a range of lightweight materials, talk to igeL members about new technologies and work together on developing concepts for future lightweight furniture – ZOW 2018 is an opportunity to envision the lightness of being. The goal is to find new ideas to strengthen interest in lightweight design among furniture buyers and to develop a strategy with long-term viability that can be a catalyst for commercial success.